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I Hate My Body

No More Soda Not sure if it's true or not, but everything I read and everyone I talk to says soda is horrible if your trying to build muscle. Yesterday I decided I am not having any more soda until I am where I... [more]
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  • I Prefer Darkness Over Light

    Darkness Is Not Evil When the term 'Darkness' comes up a lot of people tend to think of things like evil, controlling, demonic, depression, anger, but that's not always the case. They are not the same thing. Just as 'Ligh… [more]
  • I Suppress My Feelings

    Never Feel Anything I've suppressed my feelings since I was a little kid because I saw how people would let their feelings run their lives and I didn't want that to happen. I started just ignoring the bad ones like sadne… [more]
  • I Want to Answer a 100 Questions to Pass the Time

    Not Tired And Late At Night 1. What is your name? Tyler "Arctic" King 2. How old are you? physically 22, mentally about 15 3. Are you sure? yes 4. What is your earliest me… [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    It's All Fake The smiles, the laughs, the stupid stories they spit out to try to make you feel better. All lies. No one truly cares. They would stab you in the back for next to nothing. Everyone is miserable, I'm j… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I Don't Want Your Help!
    If I want your help I'll ask for it. Don't butt into my life for things you don't understand. You're all hypocrite who act like nothing's wrong and you're so superior to me. Shut up and leave me alone! I don't want your freaking help! I tried talking to you about it and all you did was change the subject. I already stopped of my own free will. I was happy for once and you just came crashing in making me want to bleed again.  Let it go because YOU ARE MY PROBLEM!… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Still Alone
    I have a few people I talk to throughout the day. I also have one or two I'm able to talk to on here via the messaging system. During the day I hold a few conversations on text message and have some fun, but when the night comes it's silent. Nothing. Everyone goes to bed and I'm reminded of how alone I am. Night used to be my favorite time of day. Still beats the hell out of the day, but I hate the feeling. I've felt it my whole life. I can't do it anymore.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Freaking wonderful
    Parents found out about my cuts today. Just great. Once again I felt happiness for a few minutes until I walked through the door of my house. Had to sit there and listen to my mom ask the same stupid questions a million times and try to make me feel like a messed up piece of crap.But hey, i should be used to it by now. That's how life goes. I feel happy for a split second only to have it taken away by HER. It's not good enough that I told her I already stopped, nnnnnoooooo. Now we have to find someone I'll talk to so that whatever memory I repressed surfaces. It's not enough to just hate people because you're always taking their ****, day in and day out even when you do exactly what they wan… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I Hate Everyone!
    Everyday it's something! Why do people always have to stick their noses into my life and blame for everything? I help these ******** in any way possible when they have a stupid problem or a serious one but as soon as I have one all they do is make fun of me. I played video games to calm myself down, everyone thinks that's ridiculous and give me crap for it. I suppress every ounce of rage until I start to shake, they tell me I'm over reacting. I start to cut myself because the pain and blood helped everything disappear, they call me an idiot, threaten me with an intervention, and call me a cry baby. They wonder why I don't ******* talk to them? I'm nothing, but nice and they treat me like ***… [more]