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I Psychic Abilities

Unexplained Events! I never believed in psychics I thought they were B. S. Some people are and some are not. In my experience ,my view have changed through out the years. First experience, I was going through... [more]
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    How peaceful it looks
    How peaceful this place looks in my dream. I felt flowers under my feet and wind caressing every inch of my body. While looking over cliff and the ocean below. I felt true harmony and peace. Please I wish this every night while dream. I  never felt so completely free from my problems. I beg you to take me back to this place!… [more]
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    It must have been a fantasy that he cared for me. I CRAVE to be in his arms and have his fingers run through my hair. All in reality, he doesn't want me. I would have been loyal to him and more. I have to accept he doesn't want me and I have to push forward. HOW? He's all I think about and my heart aches for him. I NEVER been so twisted over someone like this.This is constant war in my head if I try to see him. HE WILL REJECT YOU! You deserve better. If he ever realizes how much I care it will be too late.I never once treated you the way you treated me. I DIDN'T DESERVE IT!… [more]
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    He's asking!
    His fate is in justice system, He keeps coming to me in my dreams asking for me to see him. He seems desperate and I choose to ignore is messages through my dreams. But it's not love he's wanting to confess to me it's despare and fear.I have a feeling he will try to committ suicide soon if he goes to prison.I have foreseen what will happen to him due to his crime.At times I wish I didn't have this gift. It's double edge sword there isn't a pill in the world that can make this disappear.Many people think the gift would be amamzing. I wish you had it and leave the burden to someone else. Unfortuntely, I seem to the the chosen one to relay messages. Lucky me!… [more]