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I am a kind person who tries to help animals and humans alike.I am a women who is finding her self again.

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I Had A Dream

I dreampt i was walking and this black rat came to me and i took him for a pet.His cage was so small so i let him run around the house and he was so sweet and rode with me and the cage everywhere.I am... [more]
  • I Nearly Drowned

    When My Cousin Was Trying To Drown Me' As He Was Mad......   When i was much younger and quite a swimmer my cousins and I went to the lake and was having big fun.Well my cousin who really wasn't that big jumped on my back in the water and was p… [more]
  • I Can Communicate With My Cat

    My Cats Are The Closest I Come To Have Angels Surrounding Me.   I have 3 cats and the 2 girls are so sweet and when they meow a special meow i now it's food time or another kind is she wants to go outside and walk around.I have been having hardtimes la… [more]
  • I Want to Die In My Sleep

    Not Read Yet But When It Comes' ....   i HAVE SEEN MY MOM DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH BECAUSE OF THEIR STUPIDiTY. and hope and pray no one should ever die this way again' but sadly it happpens 24/7 where the operating room ha… [more]
  • I Want to Know What Your Favorite Dog Breed Is

    My Little Poodle Named Peanut /aka Pee Wee.   I had a crazyneighbor who used to wake up screaming at someone and go to bed yelling at her animals or kids 24/7.One day i seen her little poodle 3 blocks from her house so i tried to catc… [more]