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I am a kind person who tries to help animals and humans alike.I am a women who is finding her self again.

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I Had A Dream

I dreampt i was walking and this black rat came to me and i took him for a pet.His cage was so small so i let him run around the house and he was so sweet and rode with me and the cage everywhere.I am... [more]
  • I Nearly Drowned

    When My Cousin Was Trying To Drown Me' As He Was Mad......   When i was much younger and quite a swimmer my cousins and I went to the lake and was having big fun.Well my cousin who really wasn't that big jumped on my back in the water and was p… [more]
  • I Can Communicate With My Cat

    My Cats Are The Closest I Come To Have Angels Surrounding Me.   I have 3 cats and the 2 girls are so sweet and when they meow a special meow i now it's food time or another kind is she wants to go outside and walk around.I have been having hardtimes la… [more]
  • I Want to Die In My Sleep

    Not Read Yet But When It Comes' ....   i HAVE SEEN MY MOM DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH BECAUSE OF THEIR STUPIDiTY. and hope and pray no one should ever die this way again' but sadly it happpens 24/7 where the operating room ha… [more]
  • I Want to Know What Your Favorite Dog Breed Is

    My Little Poodle Named Peanut /aka Pee Wee.   I had a crazyneighbor who used to wake up screaming at someone and go to bed yelling at her animals or kids 24/7.One day i seen her little poodle 3 blocks from her house so i tried to catc… [more]
  • ThankThe Stars it;s Friday fly day.

    Posted on: March 26th, 2010 at 10:58AM

    Well another day another dollar per say and i am so tired as this week kicked *** big time.My son has been sick again with this horrible hay-fever so when he gets it he cannot sleep 3 days in a row; and being mom i hang right with hm;dingy slow but full of I am not young like once long ago so staying up all nights just tires the heck out of me; and i will go to bed at 8 tonite and sleep and sleep.............. Well gotta check this email then off for the day to WoRk ..Cya … [more]



    Posted on: April 19th, 2010 at 12:16PM

    so strange that things go so great and i am like wow this is so cool and 2 days later things [bad ] start to happen again and again' and i want to know why me all the freakin time..I was suppose to be a foster parent for my nephew as i can get help and it would be great.well i found out last week that they the state says i have to legally adopt him or they will take him out of my home' and his mom and granny are already dead' and he promised he will do it.Theysaid oh well and could care less it seems.I am not in it for money believe me but living on my retirement which is 5 46.00 a month and the rent is 400.00 and eletric' sewer and water takes the rest and they do not understand that witho… [more]


  • damn how time flies every month..WoW

    Posted on: March 25th, 2010 at 9:09PM

    Well it's already the 25th of march and time is flying and it scares me as i am not a well women and i need to get my bi- polar polar son who has other mental problems rasied before i die or he would commit suicide as he tells me this always.He says that his mom ; dad and all other family memebers have died and I am his auntie but now amm his mom/aunt...My sister got murdered while he was 7 days old n the hospital so when i went to get him he was baby boy doe..I had wanted kids but had my baby die inside my stomach and the hell and heartbreak i went thu could not do it again as if it happened again i would die of broken heart.I love him more than anything in this world and try to instill… [more]


  • Yay Friday is here at last !!!

    Posted on: February 19th, 2010 at 7:17PM

    It's now a nice friday evening and i am gonna watch some videos and maybe a movie' who knows.I am going to post a story and poem tommoow as i want to come out of my shell again and that is the way to start...I had to walk 3 miles today to get some advantage flea medicine for my cats' and if that ain't love what is..lolwell i am gonna go search the great webs for something exciting so Cya tommorow..have a great evening ya all. Cya ..Dark Angel … [more]