Transgender , 41-45

I have Medium blonde hair, hazel eyes 6' 1" tall, 165lbs and I am single and not looking.

There is more to life than what people seem to know about, I am a very unusual woman who knows how to carry herself in public and how to approach people., I am not judgmental of others unless they themselves judge me,

I am not here for any type of relationship just want to help other transitioners through my own experiences that I have gone through as well as give advice on what it means to be a transsexual woman of class and dignity.

I hold my head high and I put one heel in front of the other and I take one stumbling block at a time and resolve that stumbling block and go on to the other.

If you post on my boards keep in mind that I will add you as long as you understand I am a woman, a lady, and easy going until someone comes at me with a bunch of derogatory lines and bashes me with a bunch of harsh words.

You all do not know me personally so keep that in mind and you will remain a friend to me.

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I Have a Confession

My second confession is I enjoy showing off my tall shapely legs by wearing short skirts, business skirt suits, mini dresses, mini skirts with high heels while wearing silk stockings and garter belts... [more]
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    Posted on: April 5th, 2012 at 4:20PM

    Today I wore my new knit mini sweater dress with regular nylons and my 5" leather blue stiletto heels and went to wal-mart to do some grocery shopping and a man was following me everywhere I went and I noticed that he was following me and I said to him I see that you are following me is there a reason why you are following me he told me that he has never seen a Lady walk with a figure 8 sway while walking in high heels, I said, thank you for the compliment and he smiled and went on his way.Now it gets interesting:I finished up with my shopping and was in the checkout lane and he was behind me and I dropped my credit card and had to bend down to pick it up off the floor he whistled and me and… [more]