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I Love A Pretty Stud

I Wonder If She Knows.. I met her thru a work meeting.. She had this amazing smile and caramel colored skin. Her long chestnut locks were pulled far behind her shoulders. Her glasses framed her face... [more]
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  • I Believe Spanking Is a Perfectly Fine Way of Discipline

    3x The Charm It's spanking vs. abuse.Well My mom ......spanked my behind three times and I will do the same to my kid.(Not abuse) I was a pretty good kid but I did a couple of stupid things down the road . … [more]
  • I Sometimes Wonder What the Hell Is Wrong With People

    Real Friends Say I Love You I used to think that my friendships would last forever. I had been surfing the net and found this site for making new friends when I saw a meetup for a bowling night. I got slightly dolled up, s… [more]
  • I Am Bi

    Maybe I Shouldnt .. ok maybe I shouldn't go backwards. Its like she blames me entirely for our break up! One minute we're great and I could be layin in her bed. She could be holding me. We could be having the best conver… [more]
  • I Lost Friends

    They Did'nt Understand Ok I always saw myself as the mirrors mixed up image of all my friends. I mean , we had the boy toy, the tom boy, the religous one, the smart *** the slick one, the tramp the good girl  all of th… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    My first Angel
    Her name was Angel and she lived right behind me. We would pick flowers from the cracks of the cement and give them to her grand mother and my mom. Angel was pretty and a goof ball like myself. She would always wait for me to come to my window in the morning and call me out to play... We would hide in the tool shed and pretend we were married. She would be my husband and I her wife.. well we were like 9 yrs old. She would always be the husband. So guess that meant she always  had to be on top. We would kiss and lay on top of each other and put our hands into each others shorts not knowing what we were doing. We just knew we liked how it felt. We did this all summer until one day my mother ca… [more]