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Happily living alone with no stress. Always up for a laugh. Very conscious of happenings on the world stage.

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Favorite Quote Television seeks to emphasize one decision: inclusion or exclusion. Exclusion is portrayed as the only condition that is possible if you aren’t part
  • a little Irish
Vices Alcohol and other such drugs.
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Books Cant keep my interest in finnishing one.
Music Nickelback,Lynyrd Skynard & sting at the moment. And yes, BlueBell Spinner and Rodrigo Y Gabriela.
Movies all sorts but drama mostly
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I Helped Someone In Need

So many are desperately poor in Philippines. This is Janessajoy, her mum n dad split and left her... [more]
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  • I Dig Archaeology

    Giants I want to share with you these findings of archaeologists  found in Youtube.… [more]
  • I Dig Archaeology

    Easter Island Giants Amazing archaeoligical long awaited find. Those big stone heads on Easter Island have equally big long bodies!… [more]
  • I Love A Lazy Sunday Morning

    Ring Of Fire Crop Circle And Fukushima    Im certainly not the first person to make this connection by a long shot.     Its a crop cir… [more]
  • I Need Somewhere to Belong

    A Dry Drunk Posted by lafsnack on Nov 11th, 2010 at 1:27PM mY MUM IS IN A RETIREMENT HOME HERE In Nz. my sister has become the Power of attourney so all the decision making she has done in her own stupid be… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Red Chromacryl
    If i dont get more people going to read my red chromacryl story, . . . im gona shoot nigel!… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I went out tonight.
    Really just an excuse to ride my motorbike and feel like i was 15 again in my home town of Nelson. My mind dives its fingers into those memories as i travel the familiar streets like i did when i had my first motorcycle back in 1973'I went into 623 in the City and had a plate cojourn spicy wedges, and then a big piece of chocolate mud fudge-cake solid and cold with cream and ice-cream and watched the music screens. Of course i finished it off with a thick black coffee.… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Gee Wizz i actually love having no job.… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    and i ran
    I just went to a mens group, house44 in Karaka street Stoke. It was very interesting and quite full of fully grown men of Maori heritage. I had a cup of tea and listened to the group discussions. Everyone there was freindly and supportive, The majority of greeting and karatea (type of spoken prayer song) was done in maori. At the end it was the arrangement to share kai together (thats eat food like a boilup). i turend down the opportunity to share and get aquainted with group members and for no concious reason left quickly on my motorbike. I crave freindship with others, and yet i bolted away back to my comfort zone of isolation and internet compulsion within my caravan home. Im definitely n… [more]
  • ideas needed

    Posted on: May 14th, 2011 at 4:17AM

    I will think of somthing to write here one day.    For those of you afflicted by some addiction or quirky behaviour,  you will understand how these things shape and effect your life.  I am a potters moulded peice of work also.  I'm the product of having no control of my life.  I didnt wanna be in this race.  So i let the reigns go way, way back and here is where i am now with no hands on the wheel.… [more]


  • continental drift

    Posted on: September 25th, 2011 at 3:17PM

    Its mind expanding peering into others lives in other placesthat i would never of had the chance to see into without the provision of EP.… [more]


  • the beginning

    Posted on: December 10th, 2012 at 1:56AM

    I think i know how these blogs work now, correct me if im wrong but i think i i write my days events or things that were on my mind this day.I rode into town to Magenta. This is not only a time to do arty things but also it gives me contact with other people who now know me. My mood: somewhat contemplative… [more]


  • keep it pushed down

    Posted on: January 25th, 2013 at 8:31AM

    i have somyhing to write about that hurts me so much i dont want to.… [more]