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Hi! I am a severely awesome roleplayer, and several of my dreams seem to be based off my major, now dead, persona, Azazel Rutela Belemontague. So srry. If I get any requests or something, I can give you a link to a website where I have compiled hundreds of stories about her. Maybe.

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I Love Roleplaying Anything

Azazes Epic Adventures, 1 Ok, on a site, My main persona is a girl named Azazel. Story of her epic adventures-part 1!!! I pick up the harp from the ground. Sirian smiles at me... [more]
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    Mkay, So i was dreaming, and I dreamed i was on the scoolbus. When I got off at my school, I was walking through the hallway, and i realized I wasn't wearing a shirt or bra. Everyone was staring and I… [more]
  • I Had A Dream

    So I play on a Roleplay site (well, not roleplay, but all i do is roleplay) and anyway, my biggest character is a geddoes of beauty, named azazel, and shes a bad *** sonuvabitch. I was her, I had her … [more]
  • I Had A Dream

    I was dreaming that I had jumped from the face of a cliff, and I landed-on my feet nonetheless- among a crowd of children from my school. they all started applauding. several very cute boys started cl… [more]