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I Take Celexa

Citalopram Does Nothing For Me I don't even notice a difference. Going on it and coming off it I realise that I feel crap, can't sleep, I have bad side effects but while I am on it I don't feel anything..... [more]
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  • I Am Tall and Skinny

    Life As A Giant I hate me why am I so tall....who wants to be's horrible. I cant get nice jeans as they don't do my size so I never look nice, dresses/skirts look really short on my long legs so … [more]
  • I Have Podophobia, A Phobia Of Feet

    I Have A Fear Of Feet Ever since I can remember I have been scared of feet, if someones feet comes near me or even worse touch me I go mad, it makes me angry and disgusted. I discovered this is an actual phobia called Podo… [more]
  • I Hate Rude People

    There Is No Need To Be Rude Why are some people so rude, if they are angry about something they still need to be considerate and interact. You can't just ignore someone and look the other way. That's terrible. I am not going to … [more]
  • I Miss My Nan

    R.i.p Nanny Maureen Nan, You were a beautiful lady. Not only did you look amazing but you had a beautiful personality. You wore your heart on your sleeve. I want you back. I love you. You were … [more]