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I Had A Dream

I have re-occuring dreams that my boyfiend is going somewhere without me/leaving me. For example in one dream he was packing to go on a holiday with other people and went without me, in the next dream... [more]
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  • I Am Tall and Skinny

    Life As A Giant I hate me why am I so tall....who wants to be's horrible. I cant get nice jeans as they don't do my size so I never look nice, dresses/skirts look really short on my long legs so … [more]
  • I Have Podophobia, A Phobia Of Feet

    I Have A Fear Of Feet Ever since I can remember I have been scared of feet, if someones feet comes near me or even worse touch me I go mad, it makes me angry and disgusted. I discovered this is an actual phobia called Podo… [more]
  • I Take Celexa

    Citalopram Does Nothing For Me I don't even notice a difference. Going on it and coming off it I realise that I feel crap, can't sleep, I have bad side effects but while I am on it I don't feel anything.....… [more]
  • I Miss My Nan

    R.i.p Nanny Maureen Nan, You were a beautiful lady. Not only did you look amazing but you had a beautiful personality. You wore your heart on your sleeve. I want you back. I love you. You were … [more]