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I Want to Publish a Book

My Life So Far. i grew up with a vindictive alcoholic and drug addict mother. she would beat me badly on average once a week. (usually on pay day when she got really drunk.) i remember seeing my mum being taken by... [more]
  • I Like Fat Girls

    Lonely Bbw Im a fat girl and i just stumbled on this group by accident. I have just started seeing this guy and he is saying im beautiful but he is always telling me to eat this or that. Im not an idiot. I know … [more]
  • I Have Ptsd, Depression and Anxiety

    My Depression Is Getting Worse I have severe ptsd and lately my depression is getting worse. I just lay in my bed for hours everyday and stare at the walls. I recently had to leave my work because I was attacked at work and it trig… [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    I Feel So Alone i was in a really bad domestic violence situation for 4 long, hard years. i have a son to a previous relationship and a daughter to that toxic relationship. 3 years ago, i took my kids and left my who… [more]
  • I Am Having a Bad Day

    I Hate My Family Sometimes. i am so sick of my b#*-h of an older sister thinking, she can rule my life! she never got over the fact that i was born and trust me thats not an over reaction. to give u some idea what shes like, her… [more]