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I Am Really Insecure

So if you read my other story about when I got bullied ... You understand how that changed me . Basically I got bullied every single day physically and verbally and it really changed the way I felt... [more]
  • I Was a Target For Bullying When I Was Young

    My Story Hi. I didn't want to share this at first... But I decided to anyway. My name is Lala and I was bullied ever since kindergarten. Nobody liked me or wanted to be my friend. Everyone hated me before they… [more]
  • I Was a Target For Bullying When I Was Young

    So for those of you who read my earlier story... I wanted to post again and let yall know I'm doing a lot better . I've felt a lot better about myself and I don't hate myself anymore . Thanks to all … [more]
  • I Was a Target For Bullying When I Was Young

    You Have No Idea.... I was bullied for several years... I will post more later but right now i just want to tell all the victims of bullying that if you need anyone to talk to feel free to add me :)… [more]
  • I Want to Learn Sign Language

    I Have Friends... A lot of people at my school are deaf but some of them are the sweetest people I know. They sign to me and tell me how much they wish they could hear and I tell them some things you dont wanna have to… [more]