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I am the tallest girl I know,and I'm proud of that :) once I get to know you I get more comfortable and open up a little xbit (same thing for anybody else). I can be pretty cool but in the end my friends think I am a dork.....oh well at least I try :D

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I Have a Confession

One time... i went with my best friend to the movies along with her uncle cousin and sister.  I don't remember what movie we watched but it was pretty awesome.  Well after the movies i find out that... [more]
  • I Am Tall

    I Love It!!!!! I'm sixteen and I'm 5'11 and im proud of it. I live in a place where I'm even taller then some of the guys in my school, and when there are taller guys there usually already seniors. I love being tall… [more]
  • I Love Shoes

    High-heels... I Love My Mortal Enemy -_- I wouldn't mind wearing high heels its just that they make me more taller then i already am.  Where I live everybodys short so if i wear high heels its just gonna be more weirder.  One t… [more]
  • I Want a Boyfriend

    I Want Experience Points And Memories... I want to experience all of those feelings that everyone has been talking about, I want to experience my first kiss, I want to experience the first date, I want to experience so many thing… [more]
  • I Love Movies

    Pride Qnd Prejudice I saw pride and prejudice for the first time yesterday. I didnt quite understand what they were saying at times but I think its an amazinglove story and i fell in love with that guy that the Elizabeth… [more]