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I Need To Feel The Nature Forever Green

Yaaden Tumhare sang bita ek ek lamha,                 Bahut pyara hai mujhko, par dar hai maut ka.  Kanhi chupke se aakar, tumse juda na kar de. [more]
  • I Want to Make a Difference In the World

    Do One Good Deed.. One thought was always in my mind,"urge yourself to start doing one thing to make a difference in this world. Looking after our small, fragile, and stressed planet, is not only about doom and gloom, s… [more]
  • I Need To Feel The Nature Forever Green

    Only A Raindrop I am nothing, only a raindrop,falling down and down from the rain clouds. Can't see anything.     Oh! where I am going? Water, water everywhere---a vast ocean. no boundaries, blue and transp… [more]
  • I Need To Feel The Nature Forever Green

    Faith It is not a story, it is an experience. This is my belief or better say,, "Faith".    That day was very cold and foggy, but I had to reach home. Each and every detail is imprinted in my mind. … [more]
  • I Wyth The Daily Scripture Meditation

    You And Me     Have you ever noticed, how flowers lift their faces to the sun, looking up to the brighter one.  Have you ever heard, the rhythm of the falling rain, filling us with a heavenly music, t… [more]