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I'm 18 and blessed enough to see another day. Not much more a guy can ask for.

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I Love Beyonce

See me walk in the club wit bout fifty-lelm girls. 💃💁 YONCE all on his mouf like liquor! 😏 [more]
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  • I Have Trust Issues

    If I even feel that I can't fully trust someone, I don't hesitate to cut them off entirely from my life. It's an issue that I have, that has caused me to drop a lot of potentially true friends. My min… [more]
  • I Need More Followers On Instagram

    I'll spam you with likes....follow pls thx @landhoee @landhoee @landhoee @landhoee… [more]
  • I Grew Up Poor

    Well not necessarily poor, but I was definitely raised in a "bare necessity" type of home. Hand-me-downs and home cooked meals were a regular, and I have never had all of the latest things. I feel lik… [more]
  • I Am Fascinated By Human Behavior

    People can be extremely misleading with the way that they treat you. To the point where you entirely get the wrong impression or general vibe from them. Eventually it ruins that whole friendship becau… [more]