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About I was taken 04/04/2010 I'm a complex girl that often feels like I live three separate lives. They often fight to dominate my life causing havoc, but I'm trying to meld them all into one normal life where I can be honest with everyone and not be ashamed or embarrassed by who I am and what I do. If you truly want to know me then you need to understand my three lives... First and foremost I serve my master. He is my lover and my father, my life and my God. Nothing you say can sever that bond, my mind, body, and life all belong to him. I am pleased to have been chosen by him, and worship at his feet whenever called. there will NEVER be another man before him, or without his permission. I am allowed my freedom, but no one on this Earth is every truly free. Second, I dance for money, fuck who i want how i want to. I drink and do drugs... If you don't like it leave me alone. I don't need saved, I have my own black Jesus (see #1). If you're into that stuff, or wish you had been then lets hook up... Again my body is the pleasure palace of my master, so it is enhanced and also tortured as he sees fit. I will be the embodiment of his perfect image, his perfect girl. If you see something I have such as piercings and think that is weird, it's because he wanted it there. Also if you notice things missing such as tattoos, it's because only he puts marks on my body. After two years in captivity I have finally been blessed with the opportunity to learn how pleasure can be brought from pain. How sadism and cruelty are endured by the weak to reward the strong. As such I'm very interested in BDSM and other topics. I'm a relative newbie though, so any ideas or experience is welcome. Third, I'm a college girl into fitness, parties, and the normal stuff. I'm working toward a Liberal Arts degree to work as a writer or reporter, for the fashion and clothing industry. I am also almost done with my degree in digital photography, and an avid photographer. So I may from time to time merge my normal life into EP and display some pictures that I have either taken, or love, in hopes that would better help you know me. I do make my own money, and have my own investments and hope soon to open my own business beyond those investments. I'm not a dumb girl, although I may play one at times... and I'm not helpless and weak. So I probably should have included this at the beginning but I'm fun and talkative, and serious and silly... I love almost any topic, am very open about my flaws and experiences, and am honest and sincere... I flirt and tease, but I keep my promises. I don't give out my cell number, I don't Skype or even really know what that means... I'm usually on the go, but check in here frequently. And i'm a bit impulsive and very very kinky, so who knows what trouble could be brewing... You can send me messages on here... I'm not a Bitch, I actually try to respond to everyone... I get a ton of mail, so if I don't get back to you keep trying ok? The road to a girl's heart isn't a quick easy road... Persistence pays off... the road to my heart is through an understanding of the things I listed above... and chocolate :-)
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Favorite Quote ““Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
Vices Work very late nights, drink, sex
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Books An Erotic Mind, Bonk, The Anatomy of Love
Music Ke$ha, BEPs, MJ, Gaga, Kanye, Jay-z, and many more... Just ask!
Movies About Cherry, Closer, Powder Blue
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