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I am a liberal-minded person who believes in equal rights for all. I love reading and talking to new people but I don't want to talk to anyone who has hate in their hearts (yes that means all homophobes, racists, etc), please don't bother talking to me.

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I Think People Forget the Beauty In Everyday Life

I Wish We Could All Be More Considerate Maybe, just maybe, if we could forgive and be compassionate to those around us, the world would actually be a better place. Don't yell/scream/insult those who offend you. Try being a better person... [more]
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    I feel loneliest when I'm with my family
    I've felt this for a long time.  I thought when I was a child maybe it was the pre-teen angst of "no one understands me" that many of my friends were feeling.  I was really hoping our relationship would get better with time, but now I'm in my later 20s and it doesn't really feel different.  When I'm with them I always feel a little uncomfortable because I know they don't understand my point of view.  I don't understand why they act the way they do or the choices they make either.  It's like living with another person's family and it really makes you dissociate yourself from the situation.  I couldn't say that I hate them, that would be untrue.  I could never tell them I feel like this.  They… [more]