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I Had A Dream

I am attending my daughters wedding reception and I am not dressed for the occasion,there is a strange orange glow, I am sat at a table away from the wedding party and my ex and his woman, who are... [more]
  • I Am Starting a Divorce After 25 Years of Marriage

    Is There Life After Divorce In 2008 and after 23+ years of his bad temper,mental and verbal abuse and loss of confidence because 'I was mad'. I wanted to make plans to celebrate our 25th anniversary but he cut me down and reduce… [more]
  • I Am Divorcing An Abusive Police Officer

    I Survived A Divorce From A Police Officer I was married to a police officer for 23 years which ended in a divorce. Even my lawyer commented on how hard it would be. I survived, but he played every mind game and dirty trick and more. I feel so… [more]
  • I An Ex Husbands Partner

    When Your Ex Husbands New Partner Is Pushy I was divorced 2 years ago and my ex husband already had a new partner (maybe one of 3) whom he took up with shortly after we split up., he now lives with her in her house. I am on my own and both my … [more]
  • I Had A Dream

    A re-occuring dream, situations differ in the dream but always my ex is back with me or he finds me and we're talking as we used to and I feel so happy but then I wake up and feel such sadness… [more]