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I Hate Txt Spk

I Hate Texting Oh, I just loathe the whole institution of texting in the first place. There's no reason for it when you can just open up your phone and y'know, *call* someone. The only reason it came to popular use... [more]
  • I Believe People Should Read More

    It Doesn't Matter What You Read Reading is so amazing. It's incredible how much you learn, even just reading trashy fiction. I've certainly learned more from novels then I ever did from my public school education. Kids would probabl… [more]
  • I Love Hetalia

    Something Was Missing In My Life - It Was Hetalia. My life before Hetalia was just a pale shadow of the bright, happy life I have today. That sounds pretty extreme, but just having something so awesome, so funny, that I love so much, it gives me more … [more]
  • I Have Lost a Beloved Pet

    A Great Friend Is Gone Last month my kitty Lumpy died. She was both an indoor and outdoor cat. Lumpy had given birth to 2 kittens on my bed 4 weeks before that, and so she had been staying inside and nursing them in my room… [more]