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I Banged My Co-worker

Her House My MW invited my to her house after work. Her H was staying out and she didn't want to be alone.  I could not refuse.  I followed her home. She txt'd the H to make sure he would be out late enough... [more]
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  • I Am Going Through An Extramarital Affair

    The Husband'S Condoms I have been having an affair with a MW for 10 years.  There are times we **** at her place when her H is at work or away.  She claimed they were in a sexless marriage.   So, in the heat of sex … [more]
  • I Am Having An Affair

    Things You Don't Think About When The Affair First Starts I am not sure if this story a confession belongs in this category or another, but I am having an affair with a married woman.  The problem is we are both married, both have children and, although we … [more]
  • I Am Having An Affair

    To Each Of The Woman In My Life I am married and having an affair with another married woman. We work together so we see each other everyday. But, we lives double lives. We are emotionally and physically connected. Yet, we have … [more]
  • I Am Having An Affair

    EP Gave Me Cover To Admit The Affair I found EP and discovered a place to admit I cheated, had an affair and continue to have the affair.     Once I felt guilty so I invited my lover's spouse to join.  He did. I was able to admit it … [more]