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Feeling depressed
thinking about leaving ep. no one talks to me.

i was diagnosed with CP at six years of age.

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I Write Poetry

Divine Intervention I once met a girl who wanted to be a part of my life. I was reluctant to let this girl in my life because I was afraid to get hurt again. I remember telling her that I wasn't worth it and to find... [more]
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  • I Have Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral Palsy + Bullying As a kid, I knew right away I was not normal. I couldn't do all the things the other kids could. I got teased, beat up, bullied, and to make it worse, the teachers bullied me as well. I never told my … [more]
  • I Am Disabled

    Disabled Yet Driving I hate having a disability. For starters, I can't do everything normal people can. I can't ride a bike, swim, or walk long distances without getting tired. And on top of that, Growing up was very hard… [more]
  • I Want a Girlfriend

    If I Had A Girlfriend. i would listen to her, comfort her, wipe her tears away when she cries. but most of all, be there for her when no one else will. … [more]
  • I Love Playing Video Games

    Video Gamer 18+ Years... Been a video gamer ever since my dad put a controller in my hands. From there on in, the rest kind of fell into place. I've played the nes, the n64, gameboy color, the ps1, ps2, & ps3. I've also play… [more]