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I believe that as the body age, the heart and mind could come closer the the genius of a child, that hope of ever open door of heart and mind. Even if the stone of our society tries to be pushed on, we can still find ways to slipp our love through the smallest space even through cracks. I think art could be the power that can move mountains. My aim is to move hearts...
Yet please don't understand me wrong I don't want to move anything else. If "sex " is what fills your mind whomever you are, please do not approach me, it would be only a waste of time..

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I Am Not Looking For A Lover Here

Please write to me only if you have something interesting to say, other than hitting on me. I am not available for anything else than clean, intelligent conversations. No sex talk... [more]
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    A random morning
    How many people like what they see in a mirror? How many times do we strike a pose there trying to look better? The best changes are brought by a smile. You could try it too. Look how different you are. All the things you hate at yourself are not so hideous as before, now you learn to  live with your big nose or rebellious hair or wide cheeks or whatever else is. A light comes from the inside.Close your eyes, smiling. Kindness cover all of your skin. All of you. Think of a rose. It has a lot of beauty but also thorns. Try not to sting with your thorns but enchant with the beauty of your smile. After you've done that in the mirror, with yourself, you are ready to face your day. Good Morning! … [more]