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A wolf by any other name would still be too much to describe in one title. How can words truly express thought?

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  • a little Irish
  • and a little German
  • and a little French
  • and a little Native American
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I Write Poetry

Caged Cant' sleep, can't wake Oh, what is this cruel fate Wishing, hoping, hopeless, knowing Banished by my own foolishness Dreamless... [more]
  • I Am a ___. Ask me Anything.

    I Am A Biology/math/werewolf-ology (yeah, I Made That Up) Nerd. Ask Me Anything. I'm not educated in everything math, but am good at wrapping my head around it, and have studied bio for a long time. As a hobby, I study myths and lore behind shape shifters of all kinds, so g… [more]
  • I Am a Therianthropic Werewolf

    Werewolfism - Not So Much A Curse, After All Historically, humans have feared and loathed wolves. Werewolf stories were brutal, macabre, and vicious. During the Spanish Inquisition, millions of people died claiming to be werewolves. Almos… [more]
  • I Love This Joke

    Blonde For Hire A blonde got the notion into her head that she wanted to make some money, so she went around to strangers' houses and knocked on their doors offering work. Well, one man whom of which she did th… [more]
  • I Am a ___. Ask me Anything.

    I Am Quite Possibly The Stangest Person You'll Never Meet. So, Fire Away, Whoever! You see me, but not I illusory, or real? I don't really know. But an illusory answer is better than no answer, right? Probably not. But go ahead and risk asking; I'll answer, though you ma… [more]
  • Things I Learned From Going to Disney! (and back again)

    Posted on: July 18th, 2010 at 4:27AM

    This summer, on the night of June the 8th, we - that is, my family and I - departed from our cozy Texas small town on a road trip to Orlando, Florida, and Disney's Fort Wilderness. I came, I saw, and I got thoroughly chewed up by mosquitoes! On that night, after a hectic last-minute packing session, we departed, thoroughly crammed into the old Mitubishi. As we drove on, we told jokes - for once, I told the most - and generally were in high spirits. Apparently (though I have yet to see) a defacating cow is one of the funniest sights imaginable. As we drove a bit further out, we saw giant hay bales, at which my father commented that he'd hate to see the cow those bales wre served to. As we d… [more]