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Iv been gone for a few months- some of you might remember me. I had a couple "friends" on here.

dont have kids, still I want to share knowledge gained from living

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I Forgiveness Is The Best Revenge

1/12/2013 what I like to do is be really nice to the particular person who wronged me! I know that someone expresses their own sadness by lashing out. I try to understand.....ask them what the real problem is... [more]
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  • I Hate How I Look In Pictures

    I Hate How I Look In Pictures When I was 19 I got hit by a car.  I got a Traumatic Brain Injury and damaged a lot of nerves.  Some of these nerves went to half my face- so half my face is drooping. I guess you probably wouldnt s… [more]
  • I Love Long Sensual French Kissing

    8/20/2012 the last time I had it was 10 yrs. ago!!!!!… [more]
  • I Don't Fear Death

    Not Scared Of "death", Afraid Of Dying.... I was in a coma. I guess being in a coma is somewhat like death? At least I hope so. During those 2 months I just "never was". No memory. When I woke up I didnt know I had been in a coma. But maybe it… [more]
  • I Want to Know What Turns You Off

    X-c098ijip-x9c0iu-vx BAD BREATH TARDINESS BODY ODOR IGNORANCE… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    this may gross you out???????
    i let my dog lick the inside of my nose and all over my face......what about the germs? you ask     well, Iv been letting him do it for 6 years and my nose is still there, my skin hasn't changed, nothing's bleeding, covered with pustules or anything! when I say "that's enough for now" he stopsits a bonding thing, like breastfeeding- he is my baby (Im not having kids) yet I always keep in mind that he's a dog.  It began when he was a couple months old, right when I got him. he knows not to do it to anyone else, and he knows not to do it when someone else is around!  it's like kissing- except sometimes he goes way up my brain! and it kind of hurts! those times are… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I look back at the past 17 yrs. with regret. I was mangled in a auto-pedestrian accident, I got a brain injury....but I feel that I should have magically risen above that and succeeded.  The accident was 24 yrs. ago, and for a while I thought differently. But now that Iv passed 40 I just feel old. College was great. I met some cool people, I learned a lot....but since 1995 I havent really done a lot. I'm falling apart physically. Im so tight and tense all the time. I tried to ride my bike (3 wheeler) for as long and as hard as I could....and I figured it would catch up w/me. But not so soon. I am, at the moment, going through a time of healing. My foot was broken apart and put back together … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    interesting discovery
    I think its cool that on EP, I can talk to people I might be too afraid to approach in real life! I just read someone's profile, and I imagine I would feel too "uncomfortable" to approach them if I saw them standing at a bus stop[....mostly because I think Im "not worthy" of their respect!… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    innocently looking
    I can not tell a lie, I went searching for other websites like EP. Not because I was looking for a replacement, but because I love it so much!  I'm here to tell you-there doesnt seem to be one. EP is one of a kind! Long live EP!!!!… [more]