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I Am a Hippie At Heart

Hip- Tasticness; Flower Child Full Of Grace i have always like them; the long flowing skirts, long hair, music that you can dance to in the dark; I love the freedom of love and peace and hate war; I find peace symbols all over my room from... [more]
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  • I Miss My Family

    The Loss Of Family I lost my mother in July of 2009 from a heart attack. I lost my father from colon cancer in 2007. I lost a brother in 2008 from lung cancer, I lost a nephew in 1999 to drowning. Even though I lost ver… [more]
  • I Am Unemployed

    What Is Wrong With People; Why Not Hire My Man? I just have to rant and rave today! My soap box is ready for some scrubbing over what this world and economy have done to my husband! He was a hard working man, worked from the time he was 16 to now a… [more]
  • I Am Married

    Marriage; Love True Love? I have been married a year and 3 months to a wonderful man named Ricky. He and I met on an online chat room and we never saw each other untill we met for the first time. His impression of me was this;… [more]
  • I Am Not Worried About 2012

    2012- Yes It Is Not The End! Storms, earthquakes, weirdos claiming it is the end...whatever! I know that there has been a lot of hype about bad news and too many idiots try to disclose and scare people; come on under ground bunke… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I am Human!
    I have ears that hear and a mouth to speak; But I am human yet you say I am a freak!I have hands to help, and feet to walk, a mind to speak; Yet you will not let me talk.I want to be true to you in all I say, think, and do, but am I even human to you?You go around the town with a smile on and I wear a frown; you tell me that it is all okay but did you see how I felt today?You may think you know more than me, but let me tell ya I hate company; misery is nipping at my heels; this is the truth and how I feel!I want to wake up, ignore this dream, yet walk awya and hear you scream; bloody rags all thrown down, because your war pain made you a clown.Never again do I seek the truth to remain becaus… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Never Feeling Loved
    Okay, so you wanted to do this thing right? Getting married, cake, candles, the whole shin-dig right> Well before you say yes to the dress and better or worse; litsten to this it only gets worse! I can not tell you how I feel in person but at least people here can read this and understand that I AM DONE with your broken promises; I am FINISHED with the lies; and to top it all off if you LOVED me liek you say you do; then why am I NEVER feeling loved? We been married 2 years now, and what have I freaking done for you? Cooked your meals 3 times a day, washed laundry, fed the dog, walked the dog, cleaned the house, etc..and the list goes on; made the bed, allowed you to have your bromance with … [more]
  • Work Confessions

    WHY does he do it?
    Okay for 6 months my hubby and I been discussing him a job that had great benefits; it paid for medical, dental, and vision, and it was worth it; truck driver school; he had an opputrunity of it being paid in full, and he turned it down! WHY? Then he had another job come his way; insurance sales man; 10 dollars an hour staring; guarenteed 40 to 60 hrs a week; tunred it down; WHY??? He has all the awesome job market things and in this economy we need the money; yet he took a job at a motel for 7 dollars an hour?? NO BENEFITS! What gives?… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Never knowing the un-known
    AS i set here pondering the things that my day brings; I like to think back to the easier times in my life. A time when there were little bills, a time when there was money always flowing in, a time when i could drive my own car, walk the day away in sunshine, lose weight and feel fine about myself. Then he came into my life; smiles a mile wide..I thought I had found the love of my life, yet he was broken and I gave all that I could; time, money, kindness, generosity, peace, and my heart. He soon stopped working, then he soon stopped talking, then he continued to keep asking for more than I could afford. He took me for all I had; he thinks he got away with it,but oh how great it will be when… [more]