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Artist,writer,mother with an interest and experience in a variety of things. Knowledge in medical and psychiatry.

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I Don't Jump To Conclusions

I am prompted to write this today after reading a message sent to me from someone who was in my circle and meant a lot to me. I was accused of being an F****** fraud and accused of having... [more]
  • I Am a Survivor

    Perspective Of Mine I am a survivor of many things in this life. There are those who survive and then spend the rest of their life complaining about it and all that they have gone through and then those who use it … [more]
  • I A Bit About Me And My Views

    1. I believe in God. 2. I'm a natural red head. 3. A James Bond fan. 4. Horror movies are cool. 5. I am real here and in person. 6. I am kind, not stupid. 7. Love c… [more]
  • I Some Thoughts

    A few thoughts..... I have met wonderful people here but I find it very sad how most are so depressed, suicidal, perverted, selfish, whiny with a "Me" mentality. The world is not a perfect… [more]
  • I Love Sunsets and Sunrises

    So Stunning Fall is approaching,is there anything more beautiful,more breathtaking than a sunset in the fall.Oh,the colors it,yellows,peach,apricot and raspberry. What a sight to beh… [more]
  • A good morning

    Posted on: April 2nd, 2013 at 7:11AM

    Good morning to everyone My how I enjoy the early mornings! So peaceful and quiet.Sitting here with a cup of hot coffee and savoring not only the coffee but these quiet moments.There is a birds nest in the shrubs along my driveway.The mother and father have been feeding these 2 little loves all sweet.I get to see this each day as I have my coffee.The simple things in life are so important...I think people lose focus on the little things.If they would only stop for a little while and absorb what is around them,maybe things would be a lot less chaotic,dramatic for them.So many are in too much of a hurry these days.Slow down a little,if you go too fast you can miss out on the special… [more]