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I Have a Brother

Roger Allen Wilcox! I have four brothers! Roger Allen Wilcox, Colton Lee Mason, Joseph Micheal Mason, and Nickolas Scott Mason. I'm not close to them all only two and they mean the world to me. Nickolas has been by my... [more]
  • I Have Done These 50 Things

    The 50 Things I've Done 1. I lost my virginity at the age of sixteen.2. I've went to a quite a few parties.3. I've drank.4. I've smoked pot.5. I gave birth to my daughter6. I got pregnant in my … [more]
  • I Seriously Miss a Friend

    What Happen To It? Sharlina and i use to do everything together. She dated my brother for a while and when they broke up we remained tight. Sharlina found out she was pregnant and it was my brothers... yikes. her and my… [more]
  • I Think Babies And Toddlers Are Precious

    Teenage Mom december 2010 i was waiting on my period to start just like any other month. the month went by still nothing. YIKES! i was getting stomach pains, but only at night. it was an every night ritual. somet… [more]
  • I 'm Taking Care Of Someone Else's Kid

    She's Basically Mine(: My brother has been in and out of jail many many time the last few years, for numerous reasons.   My brother has a three year old daughter named Zoi. Her mom does nothing but go to bars and… [more]