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I Am a Wolf Traped In a Human Body

Hello, everyone. It's been a while since I've been on here. To those I've hurt let me reassure you that I feel deep regret, although my spirit still shows a wolf. Now, since I've gotten that out of... [more]
  • I Am a Wolf Traped In a Human Body

    I Hate Hiding This Secret. We all know were all wolves right? well every one else is based on reality and would think im crazy if i told a guy.there always down to earth those cruel humans. Why do we have to keep it se… [more]
  • I Feel Like I'm Part Wolf

    I Feel I'm Part Wolf Today I just discovered I could possibly be part wolf. I think so because I am violent, I don't like cats, I like to hunt, I am thirsty all the time, And I lick my hand. PLEASE DON"T CALL ME… [more]
  • I Feel Like I'm Part Wolf

    I Want Out! I'm sick of this human body. The laughter it draws with its unfittness and it's buck teeth. I don't want to live in the annoying suburbs. I want live in the woods. I'm A wolf, Inside and out, and that… [more]
  • I Feel Like I'm Part Wolf

    Shifting Can anyone help me with shifting both M shift and P shift please. That would be great.… [more]