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Sweet, sunny, romantic, sensuous, cuddly, affectionate, easygoing but a bit neurotic, adore animals, books and music. Interests include travel, libraries, historical sites, castles and cathedrals, spicy foods, seafood, autumn, fireplaces, lighthouses, thunderstorms, old photographs, fresh herbs, Victorian boots and flowing skirts, ocean cliffs, "alone" time, cooking, arts festivals and nostalgia concerts. Not much of a shopper, but enjoy estate sales and antique shops. Not materialistic and have little patience for those who define themselves by their latest acquisition. I'm a romantic, but more hopeful than hopeless. My job is transportable and relocation is a definite possibility, though I'm in no rush. Give me warm smiles, honesty, laughter, your best backrubs, and great food at out-of-the-way dives over diamonds, flowers, 5-star restaurants and vintage wines any day. Socially liberal, live-and-let-live, kind, empathic and compassionate.

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Favorite Quote "Wisdom is learning what to overlook" - William James
  • a little Dutch
  • and a little Scottish
Vices don't exercise enough, too lazy, workaholic tendencies
Politics Moderate
Horoscope Pisces
Special day 11-9
Books Too many to mention here
Music '70s rock
Movies Too many to mention!
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I Have No Family

I've No Family, Either Hi all! I just turned 48 yesterday, and I spent the day alone, I think for the second (or third) year in a row. My mother was the last of my relatives,and she died in Sept. 2010, and we didn't get on... [more]
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