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I Sex

It had been a long time since i was here. I think i had changed a lot since then in terms of personality. I had my first intercourse with my steady at that time. It was more awesome... [more]
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  • I Reality

    Yeah, Yeah, I Wonder What Is The Real Reality. Why do people cheat or have open marriage?People do that because their love is not true, you don`t see everyone have such a relationship.… [more]
  • I Reality

    Two Spirits And One Soul Yet To Be Discovered. Have you ever wondered that sometimes your mind seems to be controlled by someone else? But anyway, since i think "i don`t have a mind", whatever i gain is through experience, learning and intui… [more]
  • I Suffering

    All My Life All my life there were times where i get humiliated and embarassed for something that i did not do. That is why i understood the feeling of being forced to do something against your will.… [more]
  • I Believe In Equality

    Thank You, Friend. Two years you have been giving me support all these times. You enlightened me that "wow, guys actually know respect". Seriously, i really don`t give a damm about being a virgin but i am no… [more]