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I Do Not Drink Alcohol

Finally Realized What It Really Is.. I am really proud of myself for not drinking alcohol. Know why? Because I love drinking. I chose to stop because of that fact. I am 23 years old and drank as a young person like most people do... [more]
  • I Speak French

    Maybe Not Fluently.. But I took French in high school and college and I studied abroad in Paris for a semester. I still am not fluent, just because it is so difficult to learn a new language this late in life! Oh, how I wish … [more]
  • I Feel Spiritual

    My Spirituality. Although I reject any concept of organized religion for various reasons, and I have called myself atheist in the past, I do in fact, feel spiritual. I can't really explain it,┬ábut I have this feeling… [more]
  • I am Vegan

    Vegetarian To Vegan I was born and raised as a vegetarian so it really was not all that difficult to switch to veganism. However, I do love cheese and chocolate. lol I find myself being obsessed with finding the perfect … [more]
  • I Love Full Moons

    Full Moons Its so frustrating, because every time I point out a full moon to people around me, they dont even seem to give a s**t. I love them!… [more]