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I Want To Live In A Different World

My Little World [more]
  • I Am In High School

    High School In Iran It's not as great as it can be for you Americans... High school is like a prison for girls but a fun house for boys who don't care and most of them don't study that hard and their parents don't … [more]
  • I Like Supernatural

    This story is about a character in Ben 10. You can see Lexie Slash's twitter account. The first things that happened (not detailed) are explained. The first time Ben saw me(Lexie Slash), he just stare… [more]
  • I 10 Weird Things About Me

    1.I get obsessed with characters, cartoons, celebs, feelings, etc! and leave then after about 1 or 2 months!2. I'm 16 but still a kid, I watch Regular Show, total drama, Adventure Time, The Amaz… [more]
  • I Love Gravity Falls

    The show isn't just for kids. I watched ot and it's more than what it seems. Alex Hirsch must be very smart to create such a masterpiece. It's definitely the best. Plus it's filled with illumina… [more]