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I Like Older Guys

I Like Older Guys .. And meaning "Older" like 17-19 .. Not older than that .. I'm only 16 . I find older guys too be more mature .. And they also look way more cuter than younger guys .. Sorry but I just love older guys... [more]
  • I Was Bullied

    I Once Was "Bullied" . Hi , My name is Liaa .. And yes as hard as it is too believe I once used to get bullied by multiple people .. Back when I was in middle school . I mean the people would not always say the things they … [more]
  • I Love Movies

    Temptation Tha movie Temptation , Confessions of a Marriage Councilor. I have t say that is the best move I have seen in a while ! I love it .. … [more]
  • I Sometimes Overreact But Always Try to Understand

    Why Do I Overreact So Much ? I seem to overreact about everything .. Why ? Idk , I guess it's just tha way I am .. I feel like if I don't overreact nothing will change .. But I soon come to find out everything will be fine withou… [more]