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I Want The World To Be A Better Place

Through Another's Eyes another ep user made a very good point about seeing the world through his eyes & it being a less shelfish place.what i wonder is why cant people just think of themselves & how they might feel in that... [more]
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  • I Don't Get Along With My Mother

    My Mother my mother is the most manipulative person ive ever known.true to her gemini sign she can treat you like gold one min. then make you feel like the lowest scum on earth the whole life she told m… [more]
  • why? to anybody that will listen

    Posted on: December 22nd, 2012 at 5:52PM

    so my question today to anybody that will listen is why.why!?! anytime 27 people are murdered it unspeakable.but when 20 of those victims are BABIES...its my question is why aren't people rioting in the streets over 20 murdered BABIES!?! it makes me physically ill!!! if 20 murdered BABIES isn't enough to throw diplomacy out the window then what the hell is!?! personally i don't give a damn about the second amendment. i care about the 20 murdered BABIES, & the countless other BABIES that had a piece of their innonence stolen from them so that all of us stupid *** adults could have our second amendment rights.that's what i give a damn about.& i would be willing to fully violat… [more]