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I T Takes A Lot Of Effort To Socialize

My ex and my other ex schemed in on me and almost fought in my backyard but they talked it out instead as I'm naked on my boyfriend's bed and yelled at me individually to release their frustration on... [more]
  • I T Takes A Lot Of Effort To Socialize

    Since I Was A Babybaby Its really hard for me to talk to people without being overwhelmed by racing thoughts around people I like. Some advice on this issues would beĀ appreciated.… [more]
  • I T Takes A Lot Of Effort To Socialize

    Boyfriend My ex and my boyfriend fought In my backyard over me a few days ago. It was the gayest thing I've ever seen up close.… [more]
  • I Wtk Are You a Brainiac

    In All Honesty This quiz looks rediculous. If you're a brainiac I think it actually means youre not a brainiac whatsoever. That is all.… [more]
  • I Always Feel Pretty

    Please feel comfortable telling your side.… [more]
  • Boyfriend

    Posted on: April 29th, 2013 at 12:55PM

    I feel like my boyfriend doesn't even like me. He doesn't want to hang out with me..again. I have no life. I am depressed and lonely. I hope I sleep all day. I stayed up all night last night unable to sleep.  I went to group today, and it sucked. I didn't say anything and listened to some angry girl complain about her mom and how when one person says something the other person has to say something back and then they get in a fight...her dad even has to break it up and say both of them aren't right. Mind blowing, right? I got thai tea so I am a little hyped on caffeine, and I regret buying it. I want to sleep and make this day go away. There is a really ******* annoying bird outside. It makes… [more]


  • Tonight Extended

    Posted on: April 21st, 2013 at 2:11AM

    Back again, I called Kevin, he is out of the concert. He said he is coming over after I invited him, but he may or may not. I never know with him. But he wants to be with me in a relationship, but if a girl were to want him, his nervous self may lose control and cheat on me. Who knows what he could do. I just hope the world doesn't touch us.Im listening to "The Best of Chopin" on YouTube laying on my couch waiting for Kevin. I dont want this to happen ever again. I keep getting really depressed over him. He is a happy person seemingly all of the time. And I dont know what he would like about me, especially when I've cut myself, threatened to punch and stab him, and cheated on him multiple ti… [more]


  • My boyfriend Cont.

    Posted on: May 6th, 2013 at 7:13PM

    He doesn't want me saying the F word anymore. Im taking that as him not wanting me saying any curse words what-so-ever. So I will obey because he is my master. Oh and he is a ****. jk. It looks like I called him a **** in this title.… [more]


  • At this point

    Posted on: May 5th, 2013 at 8:36PM

    Im bored with my life until my boyfriend chooses to see me again. He doesn't come over when I want him to anymore. He doesn't trust me and I dont now where I stand with him.… [more]