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I Will Not Add You If

"i Will Not Add You If"  You have a bunch (and mostly composed of)of sexual experiences..GET THIS MESSAGE PEOPLE!. 2.You send me a perverted message... 3. You ask my address... 4... [more]
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  • I Dont Like To Look In The Mirror

    I See Two Sides Sometimes I feel confidant and beautiful but most often I feel repulsed by my looks. I feel that my face is too chubby or my lips to big. I would look at the girls that are always perfect looking in e… [more]
  • I Was a Tomboy

    But Then I Learned... When I was growing up I only had me, myself, and I to play with. My mom was a business women and my dad was usually at work-then their was my neighbors.They were both boys so the only influence around… [more]
  • I Have Jealousy Issues

    Dark Side I feel jealous of a girl-she is pretty,smart,and an elegant dancer (not to mention she can sing). I dislike the fact I am like this knowing the dedication and hard work people put into becoming great … [more]
  • I Feel Like I'm Always Hiding Behind a Mask

    Smile.then They Won't Know. people assume what they see on the outside is what they are going to find on the inside. I find that laughable, you can never know who someone is unless you are that person. You can become a facade of… [more]