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Tagged By Sweetlylingering 1) I'm very passionate about dancing, doesn't matter what type, be it ballroom or belly dancing, I love LOVE LOVE to dance!!! It's one of the best form of nonverbal communication :) 2) I... [more]
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    wish you ...
    I miss you, I wish we got a long, don't know why you treat me like ****. you're my mother and I'm just as much your blood as she is, but why do you compare us? Why do you hold her at a pedestal and question/doubt me? if you won't believe me.. and you know how much anyone else does.. do you know how lonely it gets.. I feel like that 3 year old over again.. who's treated like **** by you..who will give an arm and leg to please you.. who doesn't understand why, where she went wrong.. why are you so passive/aggressive towards me?… [more]
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    I need someone to talk to
    I really do. I'm sad and scared and feel like a little person in a whole lot of space… [more]
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    I need to get it off my chest.
    Even though I do love you guys, but I can't tell you I do. I can only show you guys, by changing and becoming a better person. It's really sad, because I don't talk to you and you guys think I hate you. I do love my family, just that times are tough and we can't understand each other at the moment. So I'm going to cmyrm, study for the mcats, the language test so I can get my BA, while I bust my butt and work everyyday to change my wayyys. Thank you guys, til I can't say what I need to say, just know I love u guys and I know u guys are frustrated at why am I shutting everyone out, but not once did anyone come to me to talk it out or to ask my point of view, or perspective.. and its fine. I do… [more]
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    I need positive vibes and prayers from all of you!!
    It's a sad, disruptive saturday in my world. I want to have better days and happier times like I promised I would. Please send me some positive vibes and prayers, not just for me, but for all those that are struggling today and finding it hard to pick themselves up and get up again.. for those having a beautiful, productive day, good for you!! But for the rest of us, please pray that we all have better days, or atleast the strength to cope and start all over again!! Thank you!!… [more]