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I Am Single

And I Slept With A Work Colleague.. Thank god my contract ends in two weeks right?! We had a lot to drink (3rd week into my quitting with champix; I vowed not to consume alcohol for 3 months because I love a cigarette with an alcoholic... [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    I Use My 2nd Kiss As My First Real Kiss.. Because my first kiss was awful. Saliva Central. He had a big nose, it was dark as I was with my high school girlfriends at an under age dance party.. I didn't know what I was doing I'd only ever prac… [more]
  • I Accept People As They Are

    And I Have To Stop I have to stop being so nice. People take 1 look at me and can't stand the sight of me. I know this because I am reminded of this everyday by people I don't even know. I've never in my life approached… [more]
  • I Accept People As They Are

    Until I Catch Them Lying. I've met a lot of awesome people. And then some.… [more]
  • I Listen to the Same Song Over and Over

    Goldmine I've been listening to Goldmine by fitness club fiasco. Over and over and over. I figure I'll get sick of it in a few weeks even though I tell myself I could listen to it forever. I came across this s… [more]