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One more month and I have my finial meeting with immigration, all being well I will then become a Permanent Alien Resident of the USA
About Hello Everyone My name is Misty My heritage is Irish/English on my fathers side, Danish,german and Russian on my mothers side But first and formost I am a Proud Canadian who has Adopted the US as my 2nd homeland I am a child of nature. My Religion is Pagan. I am my brothers and sisters keeper. I am a people watcher. There are no strangers in my world, for strangers are only friends I have yet to meet. I live by 2 rules 1.( What you do comes back 3 fold)(what goes round comes around) 2. " If it harm none, do as thou will. > That means not harming self as well. I am curious about all aspect of life, I am a very spontaneous person, Life is an adventure, I try to live it to the fullest, I try not to take anything for granted., but alas I am after all only human, I therefore do take things granted from time to time, I am also a transplanted Canuk, Married to the most wonderful American Gentleman,with whom I share an unconditional love. Blessed Be everyone
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Favorite Quote “Life happens, deal with it and move on, Suck it up Buttercup.”
  • 100% Canadian
  • and a little Irish
  • and a little Danish
  • and a little English
  • and a little German
  • and a little Russian
Vices teasing my husband.
Horoscope Aquarius
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Music I enjoy most music, depends on my mood but country is my favorite
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