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I Think Nice Guys Should Finish First

Don't Let Bad Girlfriends Ruin Who You Are! Nice guys, please don't let bad girlfriends that may have taken advantage of you change who you are. I know so many girls who have let go of the greatest guys in the world for some loser who treats... [more]
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  • I Am Tall

    I'm Tall For A Female I'm 5'10" at about 135lbs so I'm slim. I love being thin, but my height makes me so self conscious, at times even less feminine. I love really cute, girly clothes, but at my height I have such a hard … [more]
  • I Have Small Breasts

    I Love My Small Boobs! I've had an A cup since I was 14. I wanted them to grow so bad, but I really learned to love them pretty fast. I'm tall and thin, so I think they fit my frame. From what I can tell, most men don't … [more]
  • I Don't Need Drugs and Alcohol to Have Fun

    Never Have, Never Will. I'm 21 soon going on 22 and I have never been drunk, never smoked weed, and never taken drugs. I feel really proud of myself for that. I was around a lot of people in high school, and even a few after… [more]
  • I Love Girls Butts

    I Love Mine! I LOVE wearing bottoms that hug my butt, it's definitely my favorite part of my body :)… [more]