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Life Is Full Of New Beginnings & I Am Enjoying Mine :)
feeling optimistic
About I\'m a female 43 yrs young, from New York. Petite, Blonde, Greenish/Grey eyes, PuertoRican /Irish/ Polish. I\'m bilingual(English/Spanish). Sweet yet assertive. I have street smarts as well as book smarts. I\'m beautiful as a friend as I am fiercely loyal. I have 4 handsome sons & 1 beautiful grand daughter. I\'m currently in a relationship. also I am extremely protective of my family & loved ones. The easiest way to make an enemy out of me is by being phony as I dislike plastic, its bad for the environment . And I love any thing to do with nature, animals, beaches, parks etc.I love spending time w/my family, I also love reading, music, learning new things, meeting new people & helping any one I can. I am also a very solitary person( I love to spend time alone, me time). I have been through HELL on earth in my life. However it has made me strong as hell. I despise bullies & ppl who attempt to control others. & I wont allow myself to be disrespected, just because I am a tiny woman don\'t get it twisted. I am a determined individual with different ideas from most ppls views yet I respect theirs & expect they will respect mines. I believe everyone is entitled to believe in what they chose to believe in. & I believe ppl should be able to love whom ever they chose to, as long as they are both consenting adults. I wish for a better world with no wars, no hunger, no hate, only love , peace and happiness. I wish this for my grand daughters sake as well as for all the earths babies & children. May every one stay blessed, peace, love parlay :) LILY
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Favorite Quote “I march 2 the beat of my own drum & I\'m not lookin for back up dancers :)”
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Vices I Love Hard.
Horoscope Pisces
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Books The Art Of Seduction, Ask & It Is Given, Horror, Paranormal Romance, History, New Age, Mythilogical, The Fever series, & many more I love 2 read :)
Music Blue October,Incubus,AAF,Staind,Eminem, Lil Wayne,A Perfect Circle, BJORK, Miranda Sex Garden, Pearl Jam,Framing Hanley, Avenged 7 Fold, Fly Leaf, Evenessence, ,All American Rejects, The Deftones
Movies Night of the comet, I am legend, Waiting, Role Models, Evil Dead, Pans Labyrinth, Legend, Horrors, Comedies, Adventure, BIO\'s, etc.
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