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Going to go active again after resolving some issues with people on here. Hopefully it will work out. Over 18 only please!

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I Am A Happy Wife

Valentines Surprise Twist As many of you know, my husband and I sometimes involve cross dressing in our play, well he cross dresses and I kind of take charge, I guess. We have had a lot of... [more]
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    My Very Cute Husband-part 1 We were married about a year and still in bliss. One night we were laying in bed knowing full well we were going to have sex. He was naked and had just my nylon panties on. One thing (kissing) led … [more]
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    My Cute Husband - Part 5 Special Days The first four chapters of our story took place in the fall of our second year of marriage. We played around with his cross dressing on and off as our mood allowed. This was a fun game, but I decide… [more]
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    My Cute Husband - Part 6 Conlusion I have been trying to figure out how to close off this story series of how my husband became a cross dresser, feminized and my best girlfriend. Since that faithful night when he tried on his first pa… [more]