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really should be going to my next class..crrapppp

I'm 20, i'm an extremely deep thinker and i love to help other's out by putting myself in their situation..i believe if people did that more often the world would be a much better place..but that's just my opinion ;)

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I Love Jokes And Riddles

Patience so recently i tried and apparently failed, to help someone on this site. he kept complaining about nothing but mindless gibberish and his life sucked because of this blah blah blah...i tried to help... [more]
  • I Wish I Was Skinny

    Not Fair ive always wanted to be littler...not a stick...but just happy with my weight and body ya know? it always ****** me off when other girls are like, "oh im so unhappy with my body like 130.."… [more]
  • I Am Irish

    A Story Of Thanks... hey whats up? im lindsey..if you didn't already know that :P. ive never done anything like this so bare with me people.... ima just go ahead and say now..i don't have a sad story to tell y… [more]
  • I Wish I Could Be a Better Writer

    The Lost World I've always loved to write..I love being able to create my own world exactly how i want it..create the characters and their lifestyles..the action of every day life.,I get absorbed in the world that I… [more]
  • I Am a Deep Thinker

    Peace Of Mind sooo this weekend was pretty amazing to say the friends devon melissa, or kaya as i like to call her ( it means beloved sister) went to a christian retreat about 4 hours away from where i l… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    im so exhausted right has been such a long boyfriend, now ex boyfriend severed all contact with me..and it's what i wanted right? it is what i wanted but it's going to be so hard. i made him a part of my life for three years and getting used to not even talking to him, in pain right now...because like i said, i was with him for three years...i put him into my life schedule..getting out of that is going to be more than difficult. but im prepared for it. because in the end i know that i made the right just doubting it right now because it's late and im sleepy which is why im going to sleep...ugh...God please help me..give me strength Lord beca… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    trusting blindly
    this isn't going to be a confession but im going to treat it more as a journal/diary going through a lot right now with james (my ex boyfriend so to speak) and im crazy stressed...but it's ok because im going to remain to be strong and im not going to waver in my faith. ahh i don't even know why im writing this i just feel like i owe it to myself. i haven't really talked to anyone about what's going on because im horrible at explaining things and honestly, it's just easier to deal with it myself but this site definitely alows me to speak my mind about what's going on. james and i have been together for 3 years and we're just going through a rocky time..there's going to be a lot … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    last week was soo ridiculously busy. it tested my faith a lot in the way that i was sooo exhausted and it was just one thing after another and i was wondering if it was ever going to stop. like i would get done with one thing, and honestly, i kid you not, ten more things would pop up!! i usually love staying busy but the amount of things that i had to do and the context of what i was having to do kept me stressed the entire week...i had a lot of papers due, about 4 tests, i had to make my schedule for next semester which is sooo hectic, i found out i failed math so i had to drop the class and im going to have to take a summer class for it, and math just don't mix!! my ex boyfriend r… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    what do i do??? im sorry for writing another confession in the same night ha...i don't know what to do :'( my boyfriend and i of three years just decided to take a small life is falling apart and that definitely doesn't help...i degrade myself so much..i don't think im important at all and i dont deserve happiness...i was put here on this earth to be a servant and that's all ill ever be...i don't know how to..ugh i don't even know!! im so miserable right now it's funny ha...and what's worse i can't breathe through my nose ha....horrible feeling..i deserve nothing in life..and as of now i feel lower than dirt...… [more]