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I Needed A Break From Ep

Dried Noodle I really wish that I was one of those folks who could dedicate a certain amount of time, each day, to a social networking site. Bloggers who post everyday, exhausted but unrelenting twitter users and... [more]
Linxer has shared 44 Mature Experiences
  • I Had My Appendix Removed

    Almost Blown I was 18, exams just finished putting a conclusion to my high school experience. I had just started to do full time work at Tim Hortons, a coffee shop, and was expected in for the graveyard shift.&… [more]
  • I Got Spanked As a Kid

    Too Young To Care The nice thing about today's day and age is that as a society we are becoming less and less tolerant towards abuse. There are countless methods that they feed us information about how harmful it … [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    If You Don't Mind, It Doesn't Matter I would like to meet one person who has never felt lonely at one point or another. Loneliness is funny that way- you could be in a room full of people, around your closest friends/family… [more]
  • I Believe In Parallel Universes

    Endless Possibilities Much like many others, I believe in parallel universes. Ha, some days I even feel like the crazy doctor in Fringe (tv show). For years I have been trying to understand my dreams, deja… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    Color Me Guilty
    I feel guilty that I strongly despise (hate really) the new woman who started working at my job. I won't go into details where the birth of this hatred seeded from but lately it seems like I feel guilty for disliking the woman and my avoidance of interactions with her. I don't hate anyone- haven't for many years now but man oh man there was something about her that really crawled under my skin (it takes a whole freaking butt load to make something boil me over like she does) Bottom line, I've been trying my best to be a good person and look over this little hump but the more that I do and the more interactions I allow between the two of us the more I feel horribly guilty about my feelings t… [more]
  • G20 Right now!

    Posted on: June 26th, 2010 at 3:57PM

    Ok so if you aren't up to date with what is happening in Toronto at the moment there is currently the G20 summit going down. Yesterday the boss gave me the day off because she wanted to skip town before **** hit the fan. Well walking out of my house yesterday around noon, there was a big Greyhound bus sitting outside my door filled with cops dressed in riot gear. This bus was not alone, they lined my street. Cops blocked the sidewalk and all I wanted to do was go to grab a burger. I cross by Alan Gardens and find it filled by protesters, walls of cops dressed in their toughest. Needless to say- I grabbed my burger and went back to the apartment for my own personal lock down. Today. At this… [more]


  • Plagued By My Own Personal Outbreak Monkey

    Posted on: March 8th, 2010 at 8:31PM

    Collect your children, lock your doors I am officially plagued and have been for the past three weeks now. Of all contagious crap out there in the world I somehow manage to get myself infected with mononucleosis aka Mono! Here is the real kick in the ***, I didn't even get this curse from the famous method, kissing. It turns out that my very own outbreak monkey was my teenage sister. Swapping her spit and smokes with everyone in high school only screams something like this to happen. So the monkey comes down to visit yours truly and naturally my pop becomes hers to sip freely from, my burger needs a taste. Thus I suffer. It started with a fever, I just thought that I got the flu or somethi… [more]


  • Like A Zombie— Back From The Dead

    Posted on: May 31st, 2012 at 1:06PM

    Oh EP, its been so long...I've been dead a very long time, its a wonder I still have limbs to write. I'm sure that at this point I'm so far out of the EP community, that I may as well be the new kid all over again. I thought about apologizing for my time in the afterlife, but then I really thought about it, and well, screw it. Like the true EPrs, I've been dealing with my own issues, only I chose to take some time away from the world.If there are still followers out there that are interested, here is the lowdown of what happened in my absence:That bat-**** crazy woman that I worked for closed down the company. I guess she finally realized that Linxer here couldn't keep a company, that requir… [more]


  • Absence Makes...

    Posted on: September 8th, 2010 at 9:32AM

    First and foremost this is an apology to those who enjoy reading my bad grammar babbles- I'm truly sorry. One of the main issues is that nothing on here is copyrighted on this site. I'm not saying that someone is going to steal my experiences or my writing, that's giving myself too much credit, but I still don't like the idea of not owning something that experienced and took the time to write. Silly but cautious. Now if anyone has any words of wisdom towards to subject- I'm all ears. I would love nothing more than to come back on and type my life out on this website but on the flip side I at least want to own my words. With that said- I miss all of you and hope to come back on soon. My moo… [more]