Transgender , 46-50
Feeling hopeful
just looking for friends like me... I think my fem self is getting stronger it my take me over someday

Straight Crossdresser/Female ...Masker I like to dress up femme and wear a mask fun all stuff for me...any questions ?????

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I Have Been Tempted To Take Clothes From A Donation Box

Being a crossdresser,I sometimes can't help my temptation for pretty clothes and lingerie. I was just by walmart and saw an over full donation box with torn bags opened and exposing delicate and... [more]
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  • I Am a Straight Male Crossdresser

    I'm Straght Too Am I The Only One???? Ok here it goes, I like to dressup... been doing it for years.It feels good and calms me down.It releaves my stress and at the same time causes stress because its tabo to society.Ill explain, I… [more]
  • I Use Feminization Hypnosis

    Feminization Hypnosis I love these files and listen to them often. They have put me under to the point of not remembering them ...and have definitly helped me open up to accept that I have a feminine side. Since I have bee… [more]
  • I Wonder If Crossdressing Is Hereditary

    Yes It Is I dressed my dad dressed and my brother dressed. So in my case it is.And we even hid it from each other ....go figure.… [more]
  • I Would Like For All Crossdressers To Disclose Their State

    Jerzy Girl Hi I'm a crossdresser in central new jersey.… [more]