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I Just Realized That My Baby Nephew Is Actually A Demon Spawn

and it is my job to make sure he doesn't take over the world. [more]
  • I Am Lonely And Proud Of It

    I Embrace Loneliness Who cares if you're lonely? The way I see it, if you are lonely it is because you choose to be that way. I see people posting on this site all the time that they are l… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    Its when I'm saddest, and feeling like pouring my eyes out, that I'm the most gung ho. This is why you see me traveling worlds away and conquering demons. That's why I embrace the pain in my heart.… [more]
  • I Have a Crush

    My first real crush, I thought if I ever married it would be to her. All my feelings brushed a way and I forgot all my emotions when ever I looked at her. I had never brought myself to talk to a girl … [more]
  • I Chose To Follow My Heart

    I decided to volunteer my time to coaching at my high school that I graduated from, instead of going to college. This is my third year doing so. I love it so much. … [more]