Female , 16-17

Oh Gosh. Um. *puts on sexy voice* I'm the perfect storm of innocence and eagerness...*giggles and drops husky 'mature' voice* I'm sorry, I'm not sexy. :P Hi there. I'm looking for a Daddy. I like thunderstorms and chocolate and my teddy bear and musicals. Yeah. That's me. :D

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Member Since Jun 23, 2011
Favorite Quote MICHAEL: Does anyone have any idea what the leading cause of death in this country is? DWIGHT: Shotgun weddings. JIM: That's not what that is.
Vices Trashy Romances, books on creepy things like serial killers...other...things....
Politics Very Liberal
Horoscope Scorpio
Special day
Books Midsummer Night's Dream, A Little Princess, Twilight Fall (vampire book but not Twilight)...I may or may not have gone to the midnight sellings of the last Harry Potter and Breaking Dawn. :P
Music Um...whiny punk? I like Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco and all that. Also Green Day. And I want to say The Beatles but it's like,
Movies 500 Days of Summer, Across the Universe, Juno, School of Rock
Local Time July 28th, 8:56 PM

I Want to Tell You a Silly Joke

Can Cats See In The Dark? Can cats see in the dark? Yes... ...but they have trouble holding the flashlight! *meow* =^.^= [more]
  • I Love Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog

    Ahhh Ha Haaaa! Haa Haa Haaaaa! So Know, Coming Along. **** YEAH DR HORRIBLE!!!!! Love it love it. I have it on my Ipod, I know all the friends and I quote it constantly. Best thing ever. I learned both "My Eyes" and "Brand New Day"… [more]
  • I Desire a Lot of Physical and Emotional Intimacy

    Whispers And Cuddles I always did enjoy having the people that I love touch me. I used to describe myself as wanting an 'intense' relationship at around 11 or 12 years old (at 12 I realized that I was a submissive). My fi… [more]
  • I Love Chococat

    Ahhhhh Chococat!!!!! (pretty Much My General Squeal When Someone Brings Him Up) OMG! I LOVE CHOCOCAT!!!!! Alright so I know that half of you that read my comparison will laugh and the other will groan, but Chococat in my mind is like the Ringo Starr of Hello Kitty & Friends… [more]