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I Had A Dream

I recently had a dream that my dad and I were driving in my car (I believe my dad was driving) and we flew over the curb on the highway and flew over a cliff into the lake. I rolled down my window... [more]
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  • I Am a New Member At Experience Project

    Hello All! Hey guys I'm new to EP but I just wanna get the word out there to come and read my blog! I write at least once per day. Some of the stories are heartwarming, some are embarassing, and some are j… [more]
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    Want Some Entertainment? Hey guys! I'm here to entertain you. Check out my blog and read the stories that are my daily life!!!!! I'm 19.... a girl.... and i'm pretty darn funny I must say ;) My blogs are ra… [more]
  • I Have An Amazing Boyfriend

    Issues Solved Recently my boyfriend and I have been struggling over his current living situation because he lives in a bachelor's basement suite with his landlord living above who is very sensitive to noise. The… [more]
  • Things about my boyfriend that I love :)

    Posted on: January 31st, 2012 at 8:50PM

    He has awesome style and puts effort into what he wearsHe is honestHe is the sweetest guy everHe treats his family and friends really wellHe's a hard workerHe has respect for womenHe is passionate about his job, bmxing, and soccerHe would do anything to help a friend or family member outHe supports himselfHe is a really good kisserHe's handsomeHe's respectfulHe makes me laughHe makes me smileHe introduces me to his friends and familyHe is super easy going and never gets madHe's down for anything, very open-mindedIf plans change, he doesn't get madHe's a great cookHe knows how to take care of himselfHe's extremely caringHe's genuineHe has gorgeous brown eyesHe is a great cuddlerHe is a very g… [more]


  • 25 ways to increase pleasure in every day life

    Posted on: November 10th, 2014 at 11:23PM

    There are easy little ways to increase pleasure in your day to day life that are so easy! Here are a few things that I do that really just make life better.1)  Play your favorite music while you're showering and getting ready in the morning.2) While you're showering, pop your towel in the dryer so it's nice and warm when you get out. Feels so nice on cold winter mornings3) At the beginning of the week, download some new music to put on your ipod/phone. New tunes will definitely liven up your commute to work/school.4) When you're washing your hands, take a few seconds to allow the water to heat up. Then just enjoy running your hands under the water for a few extra seconds. It relaxes you.5) O… [more]


  • Getting Fired

    Posted on: March 9th, 2012 at 6:00PM

    Today, I wanna ask you guys the question: what's the worst experience you've had with either quitting a job or getting fired? I got fired today from my dream job and I have to say that I'm completely heartbroken and disappointed and this is the worst job experience I've ever had. … [more]


  • Vanity Insanity

    Posted on: January 31st, 2012 at 1:48AM

    I want to take the time today to acknowledge the amount of time and energy females put into improving their physical appearance. I for one, spend a lot of money and a lot of time into making myself look as attractive as I can. Here are a list of things I do to make myself look good:I put highlights in my hairI buy expensive shampoo so my hair will look shiny and softI straighten my hair every dayI get my eyebrows waxedI tanI wear a full face of makeup- foundation, mascara, eyeliner, shadow, blush, powder, lip glossI whiten my teethI take care of my skin to avoid breakoutsI get rid of all unwanted body hairI work out so that I have a tight, toned bodyI go shopping regularly and try to have th… [more]