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Love helping anyone who needs a hand, and I love finding new friends. I am looking for some friends who can except me for who I am, and someone I don't have to pretend in front of. :)

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  • a little Irish
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I Binge and Purge

Binge Over 20,000 Calories, Purge Over 100 Times A Day. I use food as an escape from reality. I'm locked away in my own little world, and no one can get to me when I'm there. When I'm eating, my thoughts are all on food, and it's better then thinking about... [more]
  • I Am Anorexic

    Struggling Through Binging And Purging :( I've recently been attempting to recover from my anorexia, but over the past week and a half I have been binging on thousands of calories a day, followed by purging. I know how dangerous this is, but … [more]
  • I Am Very Shy

    One Bad Trait. Ever since I was a little kid, I have found it unbelievably hard to walk up to someone and say something like, "Hey, do you want to hang out sometime?" Or, "Hey, I haven't seen you around before, I'm … [more]
  • I Have An Eating Disorder

    Personal Hell. Part 1. For one year I have been suffering with anorexia nervosa type 2 (which is binging and purging type), although now I'm beginning the very long and hard journey towards recovery. In the beginning I felt… [more]
  • I Sleep With a Stuffed Animal

    My Little Peanut :) I sleep with one teddy bear every night. Yes, a 16 year old sleeps with a little teddy. A bit shocking I suppose, hehe. But I'm not ashamed, he's the best teddy in the world. Peanut has been mine for … [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I hear and see things...
    Okay, time to get the straight jacket out... But ever since I was younger, I would see and think things that are just bizarre. When I was eight, I saw two old people (a man and a woman) who would stand in the corner of my room and stare at me all night. I also knew that a man was standing by my bed pointing a gun at my head every night, and if I looked at him, he would shoot me. To this day, I also feel like my dad is going to kill me in my sleep one night, so I sleep with a hammer in my bed, for protection... These fears have gone on for over 6 years now, and as time went on, the thoughts and emotions became even more sneaky and paranoid. I would hear different thoughts in my head, thinking… [more]