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I Lost My Religion

Things I Used To Believe In. When I was 3, I believed in Santa claus with all of my heart.When I was 5, I believed God and that he was watching everything I did.When I was 7 I believed the forest was filled with... [more]
  • I Have Been Sexually Harassed

    Stop Touching Me I work with a lot of latinos. Most are from Mexico and only a few aren't. The men like to touch women and pretty much everyone thinks it's okay to hug or grab people. I am the type to like my own spac… [more]
  • I Care For My Elderly Parents

    Need Advice Helping My Dad I'm not exactly doing what the title of this group says, but my situation is a similar one. My dad lost his job back in January. He now only gets unemployment. We used to live in the same apartment co… [more]
  • I Am Pro Choice

    Human Rights I used to not be very passionate about this subject until it actually affected me. If you asked me a year ago how I felt on abortion, I'd say that I was pro-choice but wouldn't have an abortion. This … [more]
  • I Think Indoctrinating Children With Religion Is Child Abuse

    Innocent And Gullible As a young girl, I always thought adults were infalible. They knew everything bit of knowlege in the universe and and could do no wrong. Everything they said to do was right and should be followed or … [more]