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I am very bubbly and enjoy being the centre of attention. I love listening to my music and dancing!! anything else? just ask!!!

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I Am Leaving Ep For Good

Im Leaving Ep For Good Hey everyone today i decided im going to leave EP for ever!!! For the short time ive been here ive made some really good friends (and some not so many good friends) anyways i wont be around as... [more]
  • I Always Choose Bad Men

    Bad Boys Never seem to get it right I dont know what i do wrong they either cheat or treat me like dirt i mean im no princess but i deserve to be looked after and i respect myself even if they dont. I have … [more]
  • I Aint the Cheating Kind

    Should'nt, Could'nt, Would'nt. I could never cheat, i've been cheated on that many times i know how it feels. The worse one was this boy back in school id fancied him for like 2 years and it was my best mate that got us together… [more]
  • I Am Who I Am I Wont Change For Anyone

    Accept Me For Me so why is it in every relationship i find myself in they want a change in me? they tell me im beautiful and then with the next breath its dont wear so much make-up what does it matter to them i sho… [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    Portway It was with a boy id met through a friend i was about thirteen id had boyfriends before but we never did out. Wed been seeing each other for about 2 weeks and i was walking him home weird i know it… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I HATE my mates boyfriend
    I absolutely hate my mates boyfriend he treats her like dirt and what makes it worse is they've just had a baby, i hate going round coz i cant stand the way he treats her she accepts it because he's her 1st love she lost her family for him and he does'nt seem to care i've told them both how i feel but it does'nt seem to get through!!!!! I guess all i can do is be there for her when she realises coz thats what good mates do im just worried he'll turn her against me in the meantime!!… [more]