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I am very bubbly and enjoy being the centre of attention. I love listening to my music and dancing!! anything else? just ask!!!

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I Have a Confession

I absolutely hate my mates boyfriend he treats her like dirt and what makes it worse is they've just had a baby, i hate going round coz i cant stand the way he treats her she accepts it because he... [more]
  • I Always Choose Bad Men

    Bad Boys Never seem to get it right I dont know what i do wrong they either cheat or treat me like dirt i mean im no princess but i deserve to be looked after and i respect myself even if they dont. I have … [more]
  • I Am Leaving Ep For Good

    Im Leaving Ep For Good Hey everyone today i decided im going to leave EP for ever!!! For the short time ive been here ive made some really good friends (and some not so many good friends) anyways i wont be around as ofte… [more]
  • I Aint the Cheating Kind

    Should'nt, Could'nt, Would'nt. I could never cheat, i've been cheated on that many times i know how it feels. The worse one was this boy back in school id fancied him for like 2 years and it was my best mate that got us together… [more]
  • I Am Who I Am I Wont Change For Anyone

    Accept Me For Me so why is it in every relationship i find myself in they want a change in me? they tell me im beautiful and then with the next breath its dont wear so much make-up what does it matter to them i sho… [more]