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I Know The Words I Write Come From My Soul

When I Met Her This is a prose I jotted down when I first met the woman that would become my beautiful wife. I was in another relationship at the time and this helped me work through the feelings I was experiencing... [more]
  • I Fight For The Astral Resistance Against Powerful Evil

    Pressure Pushing Down On Me It was May of 1987 when I experienced something I’ll never forget and never share with anyone until now. I’m sharing it because I’d like to get opinions about it. I was only 18 at the time and … [more]
  • I Fight For The Astral Resistance Against Powerful Evil

    Good Vs. Evil A common theme that I see continuasly rearing it's ugly head in this EP group and other similar groups is the position (belief) that good or evil cannot exist without the other. This is misleading.… [more]
  • I Am Against Abortion

    To Abort, Or Not To Abort, That Is The Question. Over a ten year period (1997-2006) the CDC's MMWR statistical data on abortions reveals that on average 825,000-850,000 abortions were reported in each year. That's ruffly 8,250,000-8,500,000 reported… [more]
  • I Fight For The Astral Resistance Against Powerful Evil

    Bull Rushed Awake The dream: Last Sunday the 25th of September I walked into my room, approached, and then stood beside my sleeping form in bed. I turned to lay on myself (or into myself) and was startled by a… [more]